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Terms of Service

LightJets+ is a high quality commercial level print service provider with deep discount pricing. Our print quality is absolutely the best you can obtain from any provider at any price. If you are a very discriminating use and insist on absolutely flawless finishing, you should expect to pay several times the cost of LightJets+ for your services needs. Typically. services on that level are referred to as repro grade or museum grade and cost three to four times our current rates for printing and finishing services. We realize that for fine art or museum applications this may not be acceptable.* If you are a most discriminating fine art customer, you may wish to finish your prints yourself or have a fine art specialist provide finishing for you. We strive to produce the very best quality in everything we do, but it is virtually impossible to eliminate all airborne contaminants, dust, etc., from the finishing environment. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that finished or mounted prints, if closely scrutinized, will not contain random dust particles or contaminants in the finished product. For commercial art applications this is never an issue. For the level of service defined, please be aware that LightJets+ will not guarantee that your prints or finishing will be absolutely flawless. We quality control our entire finished product to the highest commercial art standards.

We will not assume liability for any unsatisfactory print runs produced with the files generated by anyone other than LightJets+. 
The limit of LightJets+ liability for any errors or omissions by LightJets+ or its employees is limited to the following: LightJets+ will remake the job or portion of a job as is required to correct any defects in material or workmanship in a timely manner. In the unlikely event a remake is required to correct a problem and the submitting client wishes to make changes to the original digital file(s) before re-running the job, charges will incur an additional 50% of the original cost fo the job or that portion of the job being replaced. Any changes to an order once it has entered production will incur additional fees. Any delivered job requiring corrections, regardless of nature, must be received by LightJets+ within ten (10) business days of delivery to client. Claims or adjustments cannot be accepted after ten (10) business days. A return authorization from LightJets+ must be requested and issued before sending any materials back for adjustment or replacement. Customer will be responsible for return shipping and insurance; reimbursement of return shipping cost will be contingent upon inspection results of the returned product. Photographic materials used in color printing or production may change over time. Except where explicitly stated, these products cannot be warranted against change in color. Color matching of your submitted files or materials cannot be guaranteed. Customer/Purchaser agrees not to submit copyrighted materials for reproduction which are not owned by purchaser or their authorized agents or that they do not have express written permission from the author to reproduce. By submitting copyrighted materials for reproduction, purchaser agrees to assume responsibility for any legal claim and resulting monetary damages that may arise from that reproduction.

We strongly urge our customers to purchase insurance to protect against lost or damaged shipments. We professionally pack all shipments to meet Federal Express shipping standards. We cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged shipments. If you need help with insurance, please see guidelines on our shipping pages and contact our primary shipping provider.

*LightJets+ has many fine art customers that are completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Please see our customer testimonials for their comments.


LightJets+ does not extend credit terms. We accept most major credit cards. Corporate purchase orders are accepted only from pre-approved corporations that meet our credit requirements and terms. Gerogia customers must pay sales tax unless a valid exemption certificate is supplied to LightJets+.