Here at LightJets Plus. we pride ourselves on being able to offer the absolute best printing options for your fine arts and commercial needs. with our top quality range of papers, finishings, and frames, you’ll certainly find what you need with us. One of the most important components in making your image look its absolute best is also what sets us apart — our printers

Lightjet Océ 430

The LightJet Océ 430 uses 3 lasers (one for each RGB color) to create true continuous-tone photographic imaging. The silver halide photographic paper is temporarily fixed within the drum while the 3 lasers, which are attached to a rigid I-beam, expose the paper. The paper does not move at all during exposure, which ensures the image is its sharpest and clearest from edge to edge.

  • Has a 50" wide output
  • An apparent 4000 dpi resolution with continuous tone
  • Prints at a speed of 465 square feet per hour – meaning a standard full page (50" x 120") takes just 6 minutes to print.
  • Allows for most accurate representation of an image’s true color and can portray any shade of 68 billion colors.
HP Latex 3000

The HP Latex 3000 Printer is a breakthrough in industrial printing. Delivers exceptionally durable and beautiful prints at high volumes, so you can meet tight deadlines on big jobs — without compromising on quality. From point of purchase displays and wallcoverings to vehicle graphics and outdoor banners, this cutting-edge printer delivers durable, high-quality, high-volume printing, plus the environmental benefits of HP Latex water-based inks – meaning a new level of high-profit printing for your business.

  • Maximum print width: 126 inches (single roll) and 63 inches (double roll)
  • Maximum print thickness: 31.5 mil
  • Prints at a speed up to 1950 square feet per hour
  • Capable of resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
HP Designjet L26500

The HP DesignJet L26500 uses latex inks. HP first introduced latex inks in 2008 as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional solvent inks without sacrificing quality and durability. These inks are composed of 70% water and 30% latex polymer and pigment particle additives. While being eco-friendly, these inks still ensure durability and performance with vivid colors and sharp details.

  • Print speeds of up to 242 square feet per hour
  • Prints images up to 60" wide
  • Capable of resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi