Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Lightjet printer work?


LightJet printers use continuous-tone photographic media, which means each point on an image can be any shade of 68 billion colors. The higher range of possible colors results in more accurate representation of color sensitive subjects such as skin tone. Internal drum imaging provides better image sharpness. LightJet internal drum technology ensures more uniform image quality across the entire width of the print, highest geometric accuracy, better image sharpness, highest density and excellent color uniformity. LightJet imaging technology ensures a constant pixel size, shape, and intensity over the entire image. Media is held stationary within a precision internal drum, while a spinning mirror directs laser light to expose reflective and backlit photographic material. Using red, green, and blue lasers the Lightjet achieves true continuous tone photographic prints.

Inkjet printers, which simulate photo quality with half-tone dot patterns, would need to image at 4000 dpi to duplicate the same crispness, highlights, and shadow detail. Lightjet outputs 50" wide at an apparent resolution of 4000 dpi.

What level of quality can I expect from my prints?

The Lightjet 430 delivers state-of-the-art, continuous-tone imaging up to a 50" width with incomparable sharpness for large format graphics. No other large format printer can duplicate the superb performance of the Lightjet 430. From your digital file(s), we can print directly to a variety of photographic medias, which include premium quality papers and films with archival reliability. With proven quality control processes, our skilled artisans have years of combined experience making superb photographic prints to the highest industry standards. We use only the highest quality materials in our operation for trouble-free consistency in our product line.

All media materials produce beautifully saturated colors and render natural, extraordinarily smooth flash tones. You can expect brilliant whites and deep blacks from our quality prints. Type and small details are sharp with a degree of quality unmatched by any other process. The Lightjet photo printer's direct-laser (RGB) exposure system provides the ultimate in print sharpness and detail. Other printers such as the Lambda, use an optical imaging system which softens the photographic image. There are no dots or ink on paper as seen with Inkjet and other processes. The Lightjet 430 has uncompromising quality and is the answer for brilliant, large format print productions – exhibitions, backlit display, retail, corporate display, fine art editions, and many more. Our printing process is only limited by the resolution of your file. The higher the resolution of the file, the higher resolution of the print. Remember, doubling the output size halves the resolution size.

Something that looks great on-screen or printed on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper doesn't always mean that it will look great at 48". If you are unsure, please contact us.

What are some of the key benefits to Lightjet prints?

  • Exhibition quality prints, archival lasting up to 70 years
  • High-quality photographic, continuous-tone prints
  • The sharpest images and text of any process available
  • Exceptional detail, contrast and color saturation with brilliant whites and deep blacks
  • Various sizes, ranging from logos to large murals (with custom paneling functions)
  • Easier and faster than lithographic and silkscreen process
  • Image quality is far superior to inkjet printed images
  • Prints do not require lamination which reduces cost
  • Very cost effective for one-offs, short to moderate runs
  • Superb color richness ideally suited for backlit displays

What types of media are available?

  • Fuji Crystal Archive (available in Gloss and Matte)
  • Fuji Trans
  • Fuji Flex (a stunning, reflective film material)
  • Fuji Clear (clear “transparent" material) *white areas of file are rendered as clear
  • Kodak Professional Color Metallic
  • Fuji Pearl (available by special order only)

How are these materials generally used?

  • Fine Art Editions
  • Museum Interpretation Graphics
  • Corporate Display / Exhibits
  • Tradeshow Graphics
  • Display Transparencies
  • Airport and Transit Graphics
  • Retail Lifestyle Graphics
  • Real Estate / Sales Center
  • Bank Marketing Graphics

What finishing options do you offer?

Our quality finishing services combine a variety of material and process options. Choose from composites, rigid board, acrylics, and other quality substrates and finishes. Common materials include Gatorfoam, Ultraboard, FoamCor, Sintra, Diebond, aluminum, styrene, and polycarbonate to name a few. We also offer traditional roll film laminates and adhesives such as Optimount as well as durable and economical UV liquid laminate. Additionally, for commercial applications we offer pressure-sensitive and thermal laminates in a variety of surfaces and thicknesses (3 mil to 15 mil).

Laminate finishes include luster, matte, gloss, and our most popular exhibit low luster laminate, Diamond Guard.

NOTE: In the near future we will be offering custom molding and framing options, please stay tuned for further information regarding this new service.

What about custom fabrications?

Our professional finishers can handle your most demanding finishing need.

Modern CNC machines handle materials up to 60" x 120" in size with precision specification. 
Special finishing services include contour cutting or drilling of any material we provide. 
Stand-off systems and a variety of finishes and sizes are available upon request.
Templates for predrilled panels or artwork for easy and precise customer installation. 
State of the art laser cutting for acrylics up to 1" thick provide perfect crystal clear edges.
Beveled and polished edge acrylics

How should I prepare my files?

We accept the following files: PDF, EPS, or TIFF files. We prefer that files be saved in the RGB Adobe 1998 8-bit color space. Files other than PDF, EPS, or TIFF will incur a $25 file setup fee. Files are to be submitted print-ready. Files that are not print-ready will incur additional charges. Your document, when possible, should be created at 150 to 200 dpi at full size (100%).

Do you color match?

If you are matching color critical specific PMS colors, please order a mag test. We offer a custom PMS color chart created on our calibrated Lightjet to make color substitutions  for the most exacting color match. The chart is available for a one time fee of $39.

How can I get you my files?

You can upload your file directly from our send files link.

What is the normal turn around time? What if I need a job rushed?

Normals service is 5 business days for prints only and 5-7 business days including finishing.

Rush service charges are as follows:

  • 4-day expedited service — add 25% to normal service price.
  • 3-day expedited service — add 50% to normal service price.
  • 2-day expedited service — add 100% to normal service price.

Please check with customer service to verify that production can handle your expedited order.

Can I have different images at different sizes?

Yes, that's what LightJets+ is all about. See image below.

What if my print doesn't turn out like I thought it would?

We print all files uploaded as-is and assume that the file is exactly as you want it. If you send us an out-of-focus file, you'll receive an out-of-focus print. It is your responsibility to make your files look the way you want them to, including color, density, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

I have more questions, Can i call or email someone?


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